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Why Arubah Products are your best choice...

At Arubah, we are painfully fussy at selecting only the highest quality products. We only sell the kind of food that we would like to eat – and that’s no easy feat! Each of the directors practice varied wonderful healthy lifestyles and have our own ideas about the perfect products to stock! This means a constantly growing range for you!

At our warehouses we stock a lot of pampered products! Yikes! Talk about Divas!! They absolutely REFUSE to have any Pesticides or Fertilizers even close to them! And they would not even THINK about fraternising with products that have been Genetically Modified!! You can be assured of one thing – these products are the best of the best... and deserve their place in the spotlight!

We searched from Cape to Cairo (eish!) and beyond to find growers and suppliers who are serious (se-riii-ouuus!) about doing things naturally! Our listing of organically certified suppliers, only use good-old-fashioned farming methods – flyswatters and all! No kill-your-brain-cells pesticides, no made-in-a-test-tube fertilizers, no X-Men mutant seed that will make you glow in the dark... just real dirt under your fingernails stuff. Their earth-friendly practices ensure healthy soil, healthy environment and sustainability for your children and future grandchildren for generations to come.

We did all this for YOU because at Arubah we believe that you should be able to eat your way to glowing complexion without robbing the earth and our excellent pricing ensures that your piggy bank will not have to hide in fear!

Our Affiliates

We are joined in our passion for all things healthy and natural by our affiliation with Health Makers. If you need a grinder to make flour from your spelt wheat kernels, or a sprouter to sprout your own nutrient-exploding sprouts, or a juicer to get all the life-giving nutrients out of your fresh produce, or an incredible blender that will whizz through your almonds, yoghurt, chopped ice and agave nectar smoothie in seconds – this is the site to visit!