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Flaxseed oil - Natures Best Kept Secret!


 Nereen Bradshaw Director Flaxseed Special 

Flaxseeds (also called linseeds) are natures best kept secret! These small brown seeds are actually one of the oldest original health foods, listed as one of the medicines used by Hippocrates and treasured because of their healing properties throughout the Roman Empire. In Europe they were often used daily as a multi-vitamin. Flaxseed oil carries all the benefits of the seeds, but in a highly concentrated form.

Modern research has shown that flaxseed oil is beneficial to almost every body system: nervous, cardiovascular, reproductive, immune and circulatory. Besides being the best source of omega 3, flax oil is a good source of omega 6 (linoleic acid), a fatty acid with antioxidant properties, essential for weight loss. Flaxseeds contain 800 times more lignans than any other tested plant food. These lignans have natural anti-cancer compounds, as they block the uptake of pseudo-estrogens (from plastics/pollution/cleaning agents etc) into the blood stream, and this is the brown residue you find at the bottom of the bottle of Arubah cold pressed flax oil (visit for more fascinating details).

The natural properties of flaxseeds and their oil offer hundreds of health benefits that make them almost a magical remedy for whatever ails you. Some of these reported benefits include:

  •  Curing colon and breast cancer

  • Curing skin problems such as acne and eczema

  • Curing asthma and diabetes

  • Lowering high blood pressure

  • Curing rheumatoid arthritis

  • Lowering cholesterol levels

  • Improving the immune system  

  • Healing sprains and bruises

  • Fighting obesity

  • Treating dandruff

  • Controlling constipation

  • Combating inflammation

  • Repairing intestinal tract damage

  • Keeping gallstones at bay and sometimes dissolve existing stones

  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels

Flaxseed Oil pure unrefined cold pressed virgin 

Suggested usage:

  • Swirl each time you use your oil to distribute lignans into the oil and to derive maximum benefits - Do not shake as this introduces air into the oil which causes rancidity.

  • Pour over salads, mixed with a few fresh herbs and freshly squeezed lemon juice, as a delicious nutritious salad dressing.

  • Add a tablespoon to your morning smoothie to keep you fuller for longer and boosting your energy levels.

  • Mix a teaspoon into your daily yoghurt and watch your cholesterol and blood pressure normalize.

So, why not add this excellent health giving product to your daily routine and experience for yourself a renewed sense of vitality!

Blessings, Nereen