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Why Organic is so important

Think back to what you ate for breakfast, or perhaps lunch or supper!  Did your body recognise what you ate as food or as a commodity???

I always thought organic was just the latest buzz word with no significance, and you have probably thought the same thing?  Is Organic such a big deal?  I understood the importance of eating organic food about two years ago when I read an interesting article combining organic food and the liver!

Bear with me as I explain in easy terms the function of just one organ in our body, the liver!

-The liver is one of the heaviest and largest organs in our body!
-The liver is one of 4 organs in our body that eliminate toxins, that is function number 1!
-The second function of the liver is Fat Burning! In fact it is the only fat burning organ in the body!
-If the liver does not regulate fat burning efficiently, then weight gain tends to occur, especially around the abdomen area.
-If the liver is so busy processing nasty toxins, it does not get to the fat function!

So what does this have to do with organic food?  I would like to go back to my question I asked earlier: What did you eat for breakfast, lunch and supper?  Did your body recognise it as natural food or a commodity full of toxins?

Unlike conventional food, Organic food is natural food grown in natural unadulterated nutrient-rich soil the way God intended, much like the way it was 50+ years ago!  Only, back then, healthy food did not need a name!  Now we call it Organic!  Organic food is free from chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.  There are no growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes, chemical coatings, genetic modifications or irradiation.  (Maybe you like the idea of genetic modification, a 4 legged chicken would prevent a lot of table fights!)  But, conventional food is full of toxins! 

The best part is: Arubah can help you with toxic-free food!  Remember: the fewer toxins, the more fat metabolism!!!

Arubah went to great lengths to look for affordable products!  You are worth it and the health benefits are worth it!

I would like to challenge you to think about what you eat and about what your liver has to process when fed toxic conventional food.  Dont be naïve in choosing the food you eat, but rather take an active interest in what you eat!

Encouraging you to healthy living. . . blessings, Cindy